Date Palm Biotechnology: Recent Research an Overview

Wessam M. Rslan


Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is among the earliest fruit crops cultivated in the arid Arab Peninsula, North Africa, and Middle East territories. Dates are a significant source of food and revenue for the Middle East and North Africa's local communities. It has distinctive features of biology and development that require special methods of reproduction, culture, and governance. In varying date-growing regions, there are thousands of date plant cultivars and varieties. The lengthy life cycle, long juvenile lifespan, and date palm dioecism produce cultivation difficult. Every year, the percentage of crop genomes sequenced has continued to increase. The incredible rate at which DNA samples become accessible is mainly due to the enhancement in cost-and speed-related sequencing techniques. Modern sequencing techniques enable the sequencing at a realistic price of various cultivars of tiny plant genomes. Although many of the published genomes are deemed incomplete, they have nevertheless proven to be useful instruments for understanding significant plant characteristics such as fruit maturation, grain characteristics and adaptation of flowering time, here we review date palm genomic studies and determine its genomics element


Date palm; genome-wide association; SNP; genomics element; genome annotation

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