Sustainable Cost-Effective Microalgae Harvesting Strategies for the Production of Biofuel and Oleochemicals

Suchitra Rakesh, Jayakumar TharunKumar, BhavyaSri Gudelli, Jothibasu Karuppaiyan, Subburamu Karthikeyan


Microalgae have been explored for sustainable production of biofuel and chemicals. Microalgae is promising feed stock for the production of several oleochemicals. It has the ability to utilize a variety of low cost feed stocks, accumulated large quantities of lipids and variety of value added products in their biomass. One of the major obstacles associated with the conversion of algae into value-added products is harvesting. The harvesting of algae is the most problematic area due to its low sedimentation rate, low biomass concentration, and high capital costs. Harvesting of algae is carried out by different physical, chemical, mechanical, biological, and electrolytic methods such as sedimentation, centrifugation, microstraining, dissolved air flotation, electrolytic flotation, chemical flocculation, bioflocculation, autoflocculation, Filtration. This review highlights the various methods of microalgae harvesting with advantages and future perspective of sustainable and cost-effective harvesting of microalgae.


Microalgae, Harvesting, Autoflocculation, Sedimentation, Bioflocculation

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