COVID-19 symphony: A review of possible music therapy effect in supporting the immune system of COVID-19 patient

Peter T. Habib


Coronavirus, the current pandemic that takes lives of 1,936,632 until the time of the paper. Scientists over the world exhibited all efforts to fight the virus. Many supplements developed to fight coronavirus by supporting the immune system which is the strongest worrier against it for now. One of the neglected strategies to enhance immunity is music therapy. Music therapy can drive immunity into different conditions. Not only able to boost and suppress immunity but also many physiological and psychological diseases are treated with music therapy. It is more than just entertainment, and research shows that music therapy may be helpful and cost-effective to support standard therapy. This systemic review tries to explore the effect of music therapy and arrives at a conclusion suggesting routine procedures to support the patient with music therapy. However, the idea of using music therapy in improving the immune system must undergo clinical and medical confirmation to be used


Psychology, Music therapy, Immune system, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic

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